The only EMV card with immediate impact. Tokenization at its Best: Dynamic Authentication for Every Transaction.

FiTeq Solutions
Protect your Card Data

FitTeq's patented security technology ensures that your card will not be affected even if it is hacked in a security breach. FiTeq's Account Data Compromise solutions are protected by a portfolio of 31 issued U.S. and international patents, which have been in use since 2001. This is the ONLY certified card on the market.

FiTeq Solutions Protect Cardholder Data at ALL terminals: Magnetic stripe,
EMV and e-Commerce and
Phone Transactions

FiTeq's credit card fraud solutions always use dynamic authentication. Dynamic authentication ensures the cryptogram is good for only one transaction, then expires.

Proven Security Used
in Over 100 million US Contactless Cards

The payment card security solution in the FiTeq EMV Card is already in use in over 100 million U.S. cards issued under the American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa brands.