The FiTeq Solution

What makes FiTeq Technology Unique?

FiTeq's patented fraud-fighting technology delivers immediate solutions to prevent counterfeiting when credit card data has been hacked.

We don’t just make credit cards, FiTeq makes credit cards safer: Purchase at Magnetic Stripe Terminals, EMV terminals or over the internet / phone.

VIDEO: SecurTeq Technology

How it Works

FiTeq's Energizer Stripe™ changes your card data for each transaction. The EMV chip generates a FiTeq Transaction Specific Code™ , a cryptogram or "token" that is populated within the magnetic stripe during each swipe. Your bank authenticates that cryptogram for each & every transaction. This ensures your card data can be used for only one transaction because your bank authenticates the cryptogram.

With your FiTeq-Powered Chip Card you can keep shopping because your bank authenticates the FiTeq Transaction Specific Code™ for each transaction. The fraudster cannot use your card data. Best of all, you will never need to have your FiTeq-Powered Chip Card replaced when there is another data breach.

You are safeguarded by the FiTeq Energizer Stripe™ (a changing magnetic stripe) and the FiTeq Transaction Specific Code™. FiTeq products are protected by a portfolio of over 50 issued U.S. and international patents and several pending patents. This proven, secure patented technology successfully protects 100 million U.S. contactless cards that have been issued by banks under the American Express, MasterCard, Discover and Visa brands since 2005.

VIDEO: A typical card vs. the FiTeq-Powered Chip Card